Volunteer Expectations

As a volunteer at The Refuge Clinic:

1. I understand that I am committing to serve at least one shift per month for a year.

I agree to faithfully support the strategy of the leadership of The Refuge Clinic as expressed in the mission and vision statements.

2. I willingly submit to the staff and volunteer leaders within the area of ministry in which I will be volunteering.

3. I will consistently participate in corporate worship at the church where I attend and devote time to personal worship and my own spiritual development.

4. I agree to be consistently present at my time of service and arrive at the appropriate time appointed by the leaders.

5. I agree to participate in any meetings and/or training necessary when possible.

6. I understand that as a volunteer involved in The Refuge Clinic, I publicly represent this ministry and will use proper judgment in matters of lifestyle, character and integrity.

7. I understand that my appointment is for a term of one year. My re-appointment is based on my fulfillment of these expectations, my completion of the required responsibilities, and the decision of the leadership of The Refuge Clinic.