Why The Refuge Clinic?

The obvious answer to the question “Why the Refuge Clinic” is need. You say, “Yes! I know there are those who need medical care and can’t afford it and those who need counseling and don’t get it. But I am not a doctor or a therapist. I don’t push pills. I don’t council.”

Those are needs but not the real need. The real need is people who need for someone to care! You are able to give a little care! Your love is needed.

You may think that a “How can I help” or a “Come back and see us again” is too little. You may think an orderly waiting room or a clean toilet is too little, but it is not. Another real need is that you need to be needed. You need the opportunity to show your Christ to someone else. Come meet needs with us, and have your needs met.

Please read Matthew 25:31-46. When you ask “When did I see you?” It will be a joy to hear “I met you at the Refuge Clinic. Don’t you remember?”

- Dr. David Cowen

If you are interested in volunteering, please go to our volunteer page and fill out an application!

“Lucy” and “Ethel’s” Story

We learned years ago that as followers of the Lord Jesus we need to find where He is at work and join Him there.  We took a step of faith by volunteering at the Refuge Clinic and could never have dreamed the Lord would bring such abundant blessings into our lives from that one step of faith!  The Refuge Clinic offers us a place to serve others in the name of Jesus and gives us a place to build community with other believers.  We’ve experienced countless miracles in the lives of both patients and volunteers and have had the chance to share the Gospel many times.  It doesn’t get better than that!

Scripture teaches “For where two or three come together in my name there I am with them” – Mathew 18:20.  We believe this to be true so at the beginning of each clinic we meet together around tables in a warehouse.  We share Scripture, praises, pain and prayer requests.  We pray together giving the Lord Jesus the time spent here and invite Him to come be with us.  We ask Him to work through the staff and the doctor’s to bless others.  He has never failed to show up!  He keeps His promises.  You can feel the Holy Spirit in the love, compassion, and healing that takes place here.  We feel blessed beyond measure to be a part of the ministry at the Refuge Clinic.

Patients are amazed that we offer them free medical and dental care.  Every clinic we hear repeatedly how the Refuge Clinic has been a blessing and a God send to them.  We treat medical issues, many of which are very serious problems including out of control Diabetes, high blood pressure, Hepatitis, etc.  We see patients who are headed for a heart attack or are even contemplating suicide.  We were sitting with a patient holding their hand when he found out he has Hepatitis and we were able to promise him he wouldn’t have to walk through this alone.  These kinds of opportunities allow us to be the hands and feet of the Lord Jesus every time we are here.

All the doctors and nurses at the Refuge Clinic will be looking for new jobs in Heaven since there will be no sickness or sadness or pain or tears there.  Until that day comes, we are thankful to be a part of a team of people who are committed to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of those in great need in our community.

-”Lucy” and “Ethel”