Investing in Students!

One of the most awesome things we get to do at Refuge is invest in students!   Since opening, Refuge has received applications from hundreds of students interested in pursuing careers in the medical, dental, counseling, administration, or social work field.  We get the privilege of watching many of those students experience working hands-on with patients for the very first time.   Many of these students are able to serve alongside people who are already working vocationally in the profession they aspire to.  I would like to introduce you to a couple of those students!

Julie Crawford has been serving with us for almost 3 years!  Julie started volunteering at the Refuge Clinic in the Front Desk role and after faithfully serving for about a year, she began learning the Dental Assistant role.  As a Dental Assistant, Julie had the opportunity to work alongside all of our Dental Providers and not only observe dental procedures, but also witness our Dentists and Oral Surgeons listen with compassion and treat patients with extra care.  Each of our Dental Providers was able to pour into her, teaching why and how procedures are performed.  Next month, Julie is headed to the University of Louisville School of Dentistry and we couldn’t be more excited to see her achieve her dreams of becoming a dentist!

Lindsay Williams began volunteering at the Refuge Clinic the day our doors opened!  As a young student, Lindsay began working in the Front Desk role.  As she advanced in her undergraduate career, one of our physicians, Dr. Cowen, took Lindsay under his wing, allowed her to shadow him and glean from all his wisdom!  Dr. Cowen spent time teaching Lindsay how to treat the root of a patient’s problem instead of putting a bandaid on the “superficial wound”.  This month, Lindsay graduated from University of Kentucky School of Medicine and is headed to University of South Alabama for a General Surgery residency program.  Because of the extra time given to her by Dr. Cowen, Lindsay will no doubt be an amazing surgeon!

One of the things we value at the Refuge Clinic is investing in the next generation. We love providing an environment where a student who may think “what can I offer right now?”, has the opportunity to serve out of their current giftedness. They are able to grow in their love and compassion for their neighbor, and grow in their understanding of who God created them to be!