Change a Smile, Change a Life!

Several months ago, we blogged about a few patients who received their new smiles in the form of custom made dentures after a long stint on our denture waiting list! Even after delivering eight sets of dentures in one day, we still faced the reality of well over 100 individuals waiting for their turn as well. Some of our patients have waited three years for their dentures, and we just couldn’t stand for that!

This month, our Board of Directors decided to take a step of faith and address this ongoing need. As a result, our Board approved eliminating the wait altogether and committed to providing a set of custom dentures for each name on the waiting list!

While we are so thrilled to soon be rid of that pesky waiting list, doing so requires a significant financial commitment- $40,000 to be exact.

Here’s where you come into the picture. Thanks to our fantastic local partners, Refuge Clinic is provided each set of dentures for approximately $200. Would you prayerfully consider financially sponsoring a set of dentures for one of our awesome patients? Your partnership of $200 will directly provide a patient with the new smile they have waited so long to show off!

Partner with us here, or check out the Donate tab on this page. Or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out- we’re always happy to chat!

In Christ,