Did You Know?

We accept donations!

Since opening the doors in 2008 we now serve more than 3,000 uninsured residents of Fayette and Jessamine counties, relying on volunteer dentists, doctors, nurses, and other volunteers who serve, pray, and give in support of this work.

That’s AMAZING! We are so blown away by the generosity of the individuals that give of themselves to serve others!

As we all know, health care costs are rising and so are the costs of operating a primary medical and dental clinic which serves thousands of people. Many of you have supported us over the years through service, prayer and donations and we are so very thankful for you! We now invite you to consider a financial gift to help us continue spreading the love of Christ as we serve the communities we’ve been entrusted with.

Your gift helps us expand our reach to more people and will help us maintain our standard of excellence in the facilities, equipment and supplies that we use.We want to thank you for your generous heart and look forward to working with you as a donor, volunteer, or community supporter!

If you would like to partner with us in this way, please visit our Donations page to make an online donation through PayPal. There are also instructions on how to make a check payment, if that is preferred.